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Virtual Reality has arrived and is making some serious waves. With applications across the board and multiple headsets hitting the market VR is not just a gaming technology.

Working within various industry sectors Animmersion are developing Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions with early adopters to explore the impact of these technologies, exploiting their ability to enhance and disrupt traditional methods of communication and presentation in marketing and training.

Case Studies

Working with a number of early adopters Animmersion is developing product demonstration and training scenarios that allow users to interact with equipment with natural hand movements, experiencing it directly and exploring it inside and out. Our clients can manage the experience, seeing what the user experiences and triggering scenarios via a touchscreen and showing different products and views, drawing attention to key information and messages.

Working with a leading first aid training provider Animmersion are developing ways of delivering training scenarios using Virtual Reality Technologies.


Millennials are digital natives. They have grown up in a world dominated by ever increasing technological advances and they engage with new digital platforms and techniques intuitively.

Virtual Reality can be a powerful tool for immersing them in a subject, creating an engaging and entertaining experience in which they learn through doing.

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