VR is ideal for providing fully immersive experiences involving products or services, and so is augmented reality (AR), too.

Whilst VR generally offers a very “rich” experience, though for smaller numbers of users – AR allows on-the-spot demonstrations – for example allowing the 3D visualisation of product internals, or to show how products fit into the broader system infrastructure.

Using AR, we are able to bring products and information into a space where it may have not been possible or wasn’t cost efficient to do so. Through the interaction and exploration, we are able to create virtual experiences in the real world

Sophisticated customers such as Mueller Water Products (a major manufacturer of fire hydrants, valves, and other technologies used in water distribution systems) use a combination of interactive touchscreens, VR experiences and AR to bring their exhibition stand to life. Here they are, talking live from their AWWA ACE event stand in Las Vegas, Nevada using AR to show product features – particularly the underground reversible main valve feature of Mueller® dry barrel fire hydrants that are otherwise invisible to exhibition stand visitors.

Check out the video below: