Engineering Product Exploration

Engineers design and build things. Big things, small things, critical things, amazing things.

Valves, pumps, processing plants, electrical installations, oil rigs, ships, roads, planes, everything. The value they provide is incredible and the difficulties in communicating this abound. Many products and services simply cannot be transported and shown, they are too big. Many innovations, technologies, features and benefits are hidden away inside, or require complex interactions to demonstrate.

Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality can side step these constraints, allowing any machine to be experienced first-hand, allowing presentation modes impossible in the real world such as manipulations of scale, simulation of dangerous scenarios and exploratory ‘inside the box’ views on active equipment.

Working with a number of early adopters Animmersion is developing product demonstration and training scenarios that allow users to interact with equipment with natural hand movements, experiencing it directly and exploring it inside and out. Our clients can manage the experience, seeing what the user experiences and triggering scenarios via a touchscreen and showing different products and views, drawing attention to key information and messages.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality disrupt the traditional approaches for product demonstration and training in ways we are only just beginning to understand.