Novel approaches to teaching careers and inspiring the next generation

Millennials are digital natives. They have grown up in a world dominated by ever increasing technological advances and they engage with new digital platforms and techniques intuitively.

Virtual Reality can be a powerful tool for immersing them in a subject, creating an engaging and entertaining experience in which they learn through doing.

Working in partnership with Skills Development Scotland, The Construction Industry Training Board and Heriot Watt university, Animmersion have developed a VR experience to introduce the careers opportunities open to them in the construction sector and allow them to try out various careers in a fun and informative way.

Narrated by the actor Kenny Blyth, the scene unfolds with vivid animation providing an overview of the construction sector, explaining the main types of construction project and giving the student an experience of working at height. Three games then provide the opportunity for an introduction to different career options.

Launching at a number of museums, the VR will be used by visiting school parties. The gaming component will also be available for mobile VR via the Google Play Store.

Check out the promo video below: