Immersive First Aid Training

Working with a leading first aid training provider Animmersion are developing ways of delivering training scenarios using Virtual Reality Technologies.

Thankfully it is rare for someone to experience a real first aid emergency. This means the majority of untrained people are inexperienced in what to do and how to behave. VR technologies allow users to be immersed in a scenario, witnessing an emergency with the requirements to assess the situation, make critical decisions and perform lifesaving procedures, helping to fill this gap.

VR will allow these scenarios to be shared and practiced, whether this is in a class room with a state of the art gaming machine, or at home on a mobile device.

Learners can practice and familiarise themselves before hands on training, creating more informed and confident course participants, primed with past experience, questions and a motivation to find out more.

Ordinary members of the public, worried about what to do in a family first aid emergency can trial and run through scenarios providing them with valuable experience.

Everybody can learn and refresh their knowledge of this vital skill in a convenient and engaging way.

Approaches such as these offer the potential to enhance learning with broad impacts for the sector at large.